I would like to thank the staff at Thornbury Laser Clinic for their professional care in treatments. I have had eMatrix and Laser Hair removal with excellent results. I found the staff, Joni and Kathy, to be very professional as well as empathetic in their approach to me. I would recommend any treatment to my friends. I also enjoyed having wonderful facials done by Tracey.
Caroline Bacher

I just want to say a big Thank you to Kathy.  I went in for a consultation on trying to trim some extra belly skin from losing a great deal of weight.  I have in the past thought I would go and get lipo suction done to get rid of it.  That was not an option because of the cost.  So Thornbury Laser had a free consultation for the month of August, so I went up and had a consultation done.  When I was done the consultation I was not 100% sure that Kathy would be able to make a difference but I talked it over with my husband and we decided to give it a chance because he was tired of hearing me talk about the extra skin that was very loose.  So with 3 session of having the laser done I could see a big difference in the way my clothes fit and I could actually see the belly getting smaller.  I am truly happy with the outcome and the way my belly looks.  It looks great and my husband is happy as well. 

Thanks again Kathy and Joni to wonderful ladies to deal with. I would suggestion anyone to check them out.

Tracey K.

Feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered after an amazing facial at The Thornbury Laser Clinic.....Thank you......You girls sure know your stuff :0)

Season Leone, Thornbury

Had a wonderful experience with Kathy de Langley at Thornbury Laser Clinic. She took wonderful care of me and the procedure exceeded my expectations. Thank You!

Julie Henderson-Buckle, Collingwood

I have been a client of Kathy de Langley for years. It was she who first introduced me to the modern advances in skin care and I have been appreciative and grateful for her guidance and professional service. My skin is the best it has ever been -- clearer, free of brown spots, smooth and almost wrinkle free. I get compliments on my youthful skin all the time. When friends want to know my secret, I recommend Kathy.

Mrs. J.S., Collingwood

I never thought I would do anything to look more youthful... It was my confidence in Thornbury Laser Clinic and Registered Nurse Kathy that allowed me to pursue some options... Thornbury Laser Clinic has allowed me to look my best at 60 plus years young... Thank you for making me feel comfortable and confident...

Diana B., Thornbury

This is a message to all the men who wonder if they should talk to someone about skin care. I am in my 50s and as the years pass by I felt like I was looking very tired. Most of my life whether at work or play I spent a good deal of time outdoors. I didn't think I needed to take care of my skin but the need crept up very quickly. I went into the clinic not feeling it was the right thing for me. Kathy informed me  of how I could make improvments. Now, not only do I look better, I feel better. As a business  owner I deal with clients every day and feeling positive about my appearance is important. Thanks Kathy.

Paul C., Thornbury

Kathy, Thank you so much!  I absolutely love the results from both my IPL and eMatrix treatments.  I will highly recommend you to all my clients and friends.

Beth Nigh

I always used to watch TV and wonder about different treatments that kept women of my age looking younger.  One day I actually asked a friend to bring me with her to an appointment and that's when things changed for me.  I was initially quite nervous so I watched my girlfriend get some different treatments and witnessed Kathy's care and professionalism.  It was at that point that I decided to make some small changes to myself and have never looked back.  Kathy's team consistently ensures exemplary customer service ensuring all of  your questions and concerns are addressed and definitely make you feel comfortable.  If your not sure what they can do for you, just stop by.  I can promise you wont be disappointed!

Jackie, Meaford

The staff and service at the Thornbury Laser Clinic is superb. I was treated professionally, confidentially and all of my questions were answered fully. I am very pleased with the results of the IPL hair removal and would recommend the services of the clinic to my family and friends.

Jen, Clarksburg

I decided to have I.P.L. Photo Facial treatments to give me clearer skin.  I had noticed my skin was blotchy, with dark sun damage and red spots.  A client had recommended Kathy de Langley R.N. at the Thornbury Laser Clinic and I went in for a consultation.  I felt really comfortable meeting Joni and Kathy - they really put me at ease.  Kathy explained how the I.P.L treatments can help to clear my skin and eliminate sun damage, red veins and give my skin a healthier look.  She took lots of time to answer all my questions and explain exactly what to expect afterwards.

My first treatment did not hurt and was quick.  After applying sunscreen, I was able to apply make-up and return to work right away.

In the few days after my treatment, I saw my sun spots darken as Kathy had told me they would.  And then the sun damaged spots flaked off and red spots resolved.  My skin looked clearer after the first treatment ( but I will be wanting more).  My complexion looks fresher and cleaner and the texture is smoother.  The great thing is that everyone noticed how fresh and healthy my skin looks.  I would recommend Thornbury Laser Clinic, and already have.

Lisa, Wasaga Beach

I saw Kathy to assess my sun damage and dry skin. Kathy made me feel at ease and suggested a variety of treatments that resulted in me looking re-freshed and years younger. My friends, family and colleagues were AMAZED at the results which happened after a first short series of IPL treatments and some well placed injectables.

I was nervous to explore injectables in the beginning because being a north american traveler, I was exposed to so many "overdone" looks..but Kathy always errs on the side of natural.

As a result, I'm 53 but everyone who meets me for the first time thinks I'm at least 10 years younger. In fact, just recently I was at a friend's open house were a women told me that I shouldn't give up on the idea of having children..when I told her my age, she wouldn't believe me until I showed her my driver's licence.

THANKS Kathy!! You are the best!

Terry, Singhampton

I was a sun worshipper and I went to Kathy for IPL. I grew up at the beach...I didn't tell anyone that I was having treatments, but all of a sudden, the women in the grocery store where I shop told me '...your skin is amazing...' , my husband started to notice and more and more friends started to comment on how great my skin looked. My complexion glowed when once it was dull. 

I started having eMatrix treatments and I can honestly say that I noticed the difference after the first treatment. I notice tightening around my mouth and eyes. I would recommend Kathy's treatments to anyone.

Barb, Markdale, Ontario

I am 55 years old and have always had problem skin. When I was younger,  I struggled with acne and redness and veins around my nose, then as I got older I noticed my skin getting wrinkles and large pores.  I have always been used to covering my face with a lot of foundation make up, as my blotchy skin made me very self-conscious.  My friend told me  about Kathy de Langly, and I have had Photo-facials,...this cleared up the redness and blotchy look.  I was thrilled and people started to tell me that I have great skin!  That was something I never thought I would hear.  Now I don't have to cover up my skin and it feels so nice not to wear heavy make up...now I tell my friends about how Kathy helped me.

Susan W., Collingwood

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